For general contractors, the tasks associated with the day-to-day oversight of construction sites can be overwhelming:

  • Managing vendors and trades
  • Assigning and managing workers
  • Confirming completion of projects
  • Updating the full status of a project on site
  • Communication of information to all involved parties
  • Managing work orders and deliveries

Scheduling all employees, equipment and materials for every task.


And what’s the enemy of the contractor? Rework, which has a devastating effect on the cost and schedule of a project. Rework negatively affects productivity twice over. Time is spent doing the task and redoing the task, which is all time spent not doing something else. Curo eliminates rework through:

  • Uploading the floor plan of each job site and using Curo’s GPS-location technology to identify and pinpoint what and where all work needs to be done
  • Assigning the worker or vendor with the right skills to do the work and to get it done right the first time
  • Support workers and vendors with in-app communication and access to step-by-step instruction for complex tasks, including how-to videos, to ensure accuracy
  • Complete visibility and transparency of each project and task, with photo confirmation that the job was done right, no matter where you are
  • Managing complex tasks and work orders with robust and flexible checklists built to confirm that each step and detail is executed to completion

Rework costs contractors money, time, and productivity. With real-time communication and access to information from Curo, every team member can remain fully informed and supported, helping to eliminate rework on every job.