+ What industries does Curo serve?

  • Property management, facilities operations, and maintenance and janitorial.
  • Technology programming, installation, implementation deployment and commissioning.
  • Consumer services including Landscaping, Heating & Air Installation, Plumbing, Electrical and more.
  • Commercial services including Janitorial, Maintenance, Landscaping, Retail and Warehouse Operations.
  • Hospitality

+ How many people can use Curo?

Curo is used by teams as small as five and by enterprises with thousands of users.

+ How many projects or locations can we manage with the application?

You can add as many projects, locations, events or tasks as you want to manage with Curo.

+ What type of locations and projects can we add? (i.e. Leased, Under Construction, etc.)

You can manage your homeowner’s association or your hometown.

Curo customers use the app for anything from simple clean up and punchlisting to environmental health & safety to human resources on-boarding.

+ Our people are all over the country; can we use Curo for all of them?

You can use Curo all over the building, country or even world to coordinate and connect your team.

+ Can we create repeating tasks?

Yes, you can create recurring tasks like inspections, security walkthroughs, and maintenance with Curo.

+ What devices can we use Curo with?

Curo works on iOS, Android and Supported Browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Version 11
  • Microsoft Edge: Latest stable version
  • Mozilla Firefox: Latest stable version
  • Google Chrome: Latest stable version
  • Safari: Latest stable version

+ Does Curo work when I’m not connected to the internet?

Our Enterprise edition can capture all your work and allow you to work even without internet access.

+ Can I attach photos/videos to a task?

Yes, you can attach photos to prove the work is done right, and add videos to show how to do it right.

+ How do I know which tasks are mine?

Your tasks are on your dashboard, and you don’t need to worry about filtering out anyone else’s stuff.

+ I work with multiple companies; how do I use Curo?

You can be associated with as many organizations as you want. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an employee, contractor or hedge fund manager. On Curo, you can toggle between companies seamlessly on our desktop or mobile applications.

+ Will users receive notifications when a task is assigned to them?

Yes, you will receive an email or push notification of the new task, change in priority or due time. You can control which actions in Curo will generate a notification.

+ Is there a limit to the amount of video training content we can have?

Curo can hold as much content as you need.

+ Is it possible to update more than one task at a time?

Sure! You can bulk-edit to make changes to all the service requests you want.

+ What are the subscription payment options available?

You can pay for Curo by credit, debit, ACH, Apply or Google pay. Enterprise accounts can be invoiced as well.

+ Can I pay my subscription monthly instead of annually?

Yes, we do offer the option to pay monthly. The monthly rates are slightly higher than the rates for billing annually.

+ What do I need to use Curo?

Any device that has a browser or that can operate iOS or Android apps. Most of our customers use a laptop, tablet or iPhone or Android phone with cellular and/or Wi-Fi.