Home services workers often don’t know where the day will take them. An HVAC technician might start their day with a few installs on the calendar, but in the height of the summer, they could have four or five priority repairs added to their daily to-do list. The day becomes chaotic, including:

  • Locating vehicles and equipment
  • Ordering parts and inventory
  • Finding unfamiliar properties
  • Complicated repairs and installs
  • Managing work orders to completion
  • Communicating status with dispatch
Man wearing blue hardhat using tablet at Natural gas processing facility

Curo was developed specifically to help home service workers navigate their day.

With Curo, you can:

  • Know where your team members are at all times and have visibility and status of all the work they are doing.
  • Upload the site plans of customer installs and repairs and use Curo’s GPS-location technology to identify, pinpoint and assign where all work needs to be done.
  • Prioritize assignments to workers with the right skills to get the work done right, preventing costly rework.
  • Support workers and vendors with in-app communication and access to step-by-step instruction for specific repairs and installs, including how-to videos to ensure accuracy.
  • Enjoy complete visibility and transparency of each repair and install, and receive confirmation that the job was done right with photo confirmation, no matter where you are.
  • Manage work orders and locate or allocate needed parts and equipment.