In any community or municipality that has a parks department, the responsibility of maintenance is a big job:

  • Maintenance—preventative and reactive, everything from playground equipment to water fountains and building equipment
  • Managing and tracking all work orders
  • Coordinating assignments for employees and vendors
  • Prioritizing/scheduling assignments based on public events and needs
parks and rec

How can you keep all of these moving parts scheduled on time and on budget? Curo!

Parks & Recreation departments can use the Curo app to:

  • Identify and prioritize recurring or preventive maintenance, so workers and vendors are automatically prompted when it’s time to get it done proactively, saving time and money
  • Manage work orders with robust and flexible checklists built to confirm that each step and detail is executed to completion
  • Upload the layout of every park and facility and use Curo’s GPS-location technology to identify and pinpoint where all work needs to be done
  • Assign the worker/vendor with the right skills to do the work, and get it done RIGHT, preventing costly rework
  • Support workers/vendors with in-app communication and access to step-by-step instruction for specific tasks, including how-to videos to ensure accuracy
  • Enjoy complete visibility and transparency of each maintenance project and task, everything from landscaping to see-saw repair—and receive confirmation that the job was done RIGHT with photo confirmation, no matter where you are

With Curo, Parks & Rec departments can manage all city properties right from our intuitive confirmation, with full visibility of every project at all times.


With Curo, your day may not slow down, but it will be less chaotic! Get it Done with Curo.