A property manager’s day is a mix of the expected and the unexpected, including:

  • Tenant requests and, let’s face it... complaints
  • Recurring facilities maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance of the property
  • Move-in and move-out management
  • Coordinating work orders with vendors and contractors
  • Scheduling all employees, equipment and materials for every task

Curo was created specifically to help you manage these daily twists and turns.

Man wearing blue hardhat using tablet at Natural gas processing facility

Curo helps property managers assure that tenants are cool, calm and collected by giving you the tools to eliminate chaos and confusion and to keep the property running smoothly.

Curo helps by:

  • Making sure your workers know exactly where they need to be by using Curo’s GPS-location technology to upload your floor plan, and by identifying and pinpointing where on the property the work needs to be done and who needs to do it
  • Preventing costly rework by assigning the worker or vendor with the right skills to get the work done right
  • Supporting those workers and vendors with in-app communication and access to step-by-step instruction for specific tasks, including how-to videos to ensure accuracy
  • Providing complete visibility and transparency on each project and work order, including everything from elevator maintenance to landscaping to garbage pickup. You receive photo confirmation that the job was done right, no matter where you are
  • Providing at-a-glance visibility into which units are vacant by managing the critical move-in and move-out process with our robust and flexible checklists built to confirm that each step and detail is executed to completion, putting you on schedule with each new occupant
  • Identifying and prioritizing recurring or preventive maintenance so that workers and vendors are automatically and proactively prompted when it’s time to get it done, saving time and money